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If you adore interiors and relish in the idea of redecorating your home in a Chic Parisian style with an urban edge then Chez Moi by Sarah Lavoine is a tip book pour vous.  Interior design books are pure indulgence and inspiration as it is, however, an interiors book produced by top and sought after Parisian interior designer and Polish princess (Sarah Poniatowsky) who is married to Marc Lavoine, a French pop and chanson prince, makes a book even more desirable and alluring.  To add to the allure and credibility, Sarah’s passion for design stems from childhood and having a father who worked as a director of Vogue and who’s mother was an interior designer, Sarah was inspired and immersed in design throughout her life.  Lavoine’s interior aesthetic is unquestionably Parisian with a dash of Alice in Wonderland mixed in with graphic pattern and opulent notes that produces an outcome of signature originality and a new wave of design that has become the quientessential aspired Parisian design.

Sarah Lavoine’s philosophy of Parisienne design is creating a home that is chic, stylish, cosy and evokes a sense of calm and well-being.   Living like a Parisian begins at home so to be a Parisian is to live and think like one and to be surrounded by things that are reminders of this concept.  Throughout this beautifully illustrated book filled with stunning photography of interiors created by Sarah, her philosophy on design and of life echoes through every chapter of her book where she not only provides practical secrets of the trade but also meaningful tips on life, cooking, social etiquette and joie de vivre.  Sarah reminds us throughout the pages of her book that creating a space for yourself is the key to happiness and to nurture the soul is to have a home that is a haven of tranquility where you can rest, feel comfortable and recharge your energy.  Being happy, according to Sarah, is to extend happiness and joy on to others by creating an intimate space to live in and to share with others but at the same time understanding that accepting change is necessary to our self growth and that our home can evolve and transform as we mature and as our tastes evolve.

Sarah reveals how to marry materials and colours together to set the right tone and to create that necessary Parisian harmony and balance within your home.  Chez Moi is complete with Lavoine’s list of necessary essentials on how to select appropriate furniture, comfortable accessories and materials to create the Parisian look and ambience.  Sarah also provides useful and clever tips on the art of flooring, paint, wallpaper and lighting to evoke that je ne sais quoi to our living space and to give our homes those important touches that together create a magical ambience withing our living space,

While Sarah Lavoine’s approach to interior design and to life is inspired by Paris and how Parisians live, her style can be emulated and adopted no matter where you live in the world.  At the end of your education on interior design by Lavoine, not only will you be captivated by her stlye but will come to admire her for her signature style, confidence, Parisian chic and her understanding of life and the importance of loving, giving and living to be happy and fabulously Parisienne.  Part design and part guide book Chez Moi is filled with the A to Z’s of living and design for the interior designers at heart.  Travel through the arrondissments of Paris as Sarah reveals where to purchase all things design to transform your home from Chez blah to Chez Moi and give your space the Sarah Lavoine wow factor and signature look.

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