Lunch in Paris

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“Lunch in Paris”, by Elizabeth Bard

A delightful memoir of girl meets boy and of expat life, love and self-discovery in la belle Paris. Elizabeth Bard’s unexpected meeting of a tall, dark-haired young “café crème” of a man at an academic conference is followed by an excuse to visit him in Paris. A first lunch date then unfolds to become a love story entangled in food and the necessary ingredients that inspire those unique French comedy- romance films. Bard finds herself unexpectedly thrown into a whirlwind affair after falling for a man half way through a first date – a man who turns her world upside down where “things were so marvelously and exhilaratingly out of order” and where one has “dessert before dinner, sex before coffee”. A narrative that would certainly spark envy in the hearts of women who dream of living in France and falling in love and then moving in to stay with a lovely French man in Paris. “Lunch in Paris” is delectable, sexy and romantic as the title suggests and you’ll no doubt be captivated by Bard’s prose and find difficulty tearing yourself away as she open-heartedly reveals the intimate, challenging, comical and heart-warming moments of her relationship and passion for Gwendal but also her love affair with food. The theme of love and food merge together in a delicious whirlwind as you accompany Bard in her journey of discovering herself in the most romantic city in the world. Bard reveals the joys and anguish that every expat must experience when faced with the challenges of moving to a foreign country. Comfort food and kitchen solace become necessary when the anxiety of learning a new language and over-coming cultural barriers sets in. The chocolate cravings intensify as do the mouth-watering French desserts when faced with the upsets and annoyances of daily life – something tout les femmes can relate to. Coming to terms with skinny Parisian women, petit clothes sizing and her own curves will strike a sensitivity button no doubt. Discover how a young woman admirably perseveres in the name of love and who comes out of the hot oven like a rather nicely baked mini almond cake with a raspberry button. Growing accustomed to a new life and culture of bustling rues, cafes, bistros, food markets and at times difficult and unaccommodating Parisians is always made easier by preparing something hearty like lamb shanks with orange and star anise.
Set your ovens to 180 degrees and be prepared to be seduced by a charming love story that is as sensuous and inspiring as Bard’s chocolate profiteroles. Immerse yourself in the possibilities that an unexpected romance can bring – not to forget the interesting ways smoky bacon and onions can be incorporated into your cooking repertoirek

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