Paris – An Inspired Wander Through The City Of Lights by Alexandra Carroll

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Paris is indisputably one of the most beautiful, historic and inspirational cities in the world.  For this reason, it comes as no surprise that authors and in particular travel journalists and photographers find the subject of Paris so captivating that feel compelled to document it and expose the city through their own experiences and discoveries.  While there are countless books about the subject of Paris written by journalists from a curators point of view, Paris An Inspired Wander Through The City Of Lights by Alexandra Carroll is a delight and an eye opening experience.  You might be already be familiar with Carroll from her previous work as a journalist writing about fashion, books, photography, pop culture and art for popular magazines like HQ and Australian Style and her first impressive publication in 2015 titled New York – An Inspired Wander Through The Manhattan and Brooklyn Boroughs.  Carroll’s love for travel, photography and Paris is expressed beautifully through the pages of her book where every chapter takes the reader on a journey through the arrondissements, the hidden unknown Rues, passages and public places as well as lesser known cafes, shops and other highlights of Paris.

Traverse through the districts of Paris as Carroll reveals one magnificent arrondissement and quartier after the other and offers a brief historic rundown of each district.  Have your breath taken away as you glance at stunning photography of Paris that speak of her beauty and elegance and offer a glimpse into the aspects of Paris that define her.  The author’s admiration and knowledge of Paris not just as a tourist destination but as a living, breathing and functioning city is evident in her countless listing of places that only insiders and residents would know of.   The book is very much like an exceptional walking tour of Paris where you will be led into the known parts and must sees as well as the unknown and less trodden parts of Paris that will certainly impress and excite.  Carroll will walk you through the snail like map of Paris from the refined 1st arrondissement of the city all the way through to the bohemian, historic and lively 20th arrondissement with everything chic, fabulous and wonderful in between.  As one door opens into the hidden gems of Paris another will reveal the new wave of culture that is making an impact in the food, fashion and art culture of Paris and shaping a more modern aspect to a city defined in tradition and set in its historic past.

A book that will be appreciated by admirers and travellers to Paris and to those who thrive on capturing the unexpected and lesser known parts a city.  Carroll will make you fall in love with Paris all over again and have you thinking of your next trip to this magnificent city with her book as your travel companion.   Discover a Paris like you’ve never seen before and get to know her mysterious side that will enlighten, inspire and entrance.

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