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“Paris Letters” by, Janice Macleod

A memoire that will warm your heart as you leap through the pages always in hopeful anticipation of what will happen next. Macleod offers hope to those trapped in a life that is stale and uninspiring and shows that dreams do indeed become reality. Single at thirty-four, lonely and feeling completely unfulfilled by her career she arrives at a crisis point of her life where something had to change and fast. Longing to stay in Paris and live her dream as an artist “creating beautiful things” fuels her drive to change her life – little did she know at the time how much her life would indeed change.
Macleod redefines the meaning of self-discipline and determination. A step by step action plan is put into motion and one which ultimately liberates her from her dreary life in Los Angeles. Wonders are achieved by shifting her mindset and leaving no stone left unturned. In order to buy herself maximum time in Europe everything from her undies draw and closet are re organised to trying her luck in share trading and selling her art online. Eventually, the baggage of her life is reduced to one suitcase and her goal of escaping to Europe for a few months finally achieved.
Her journey begins in the City of Lights where we follow her footsteps through the streets of Paris. Chance leads Macleod to the historic Rue Mouffetard, a lively and charming market street, where history is indeed made when she spots a handsome butcher who resembles Daniel Craig. Many comical moments ensue during her coffee stops outside la boucherie, where her sexy love interest toils tirelessly in his rotisserie station, trying to catch a glimpse and even a phone recording of him until finally one day their eyes meet. An awkward meeting unfolds into a fairy-tale Parisian romance for Macleod and her James Bond. As her finances dwindle, her determination to finance her extended stay leads her to fulfilling the dream of working as an artist. Hence, an on-line business selling beautiful postcard letters of Paris is born.
A memoir reminiscent of “Eat Pray Love” and “Almost French”. Macleod’s “Paris Letters” fit cosily into this genre and merges the key notions of love, hope and determination that in combination make for an ultimately romantic story. A memoir for anyone who delights in living vicariously through someone else’s adventures and is inspired by Paris, love, the angst to change one’s life and the will of the human spirit. A congenial and engaging read where love conquers all including cultural, language, financial and bureaucratic barriers.

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