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Dear readers, if you’re planning a fashionable, chic and magnifique shopping trip to Paris and want to make the most of your time and return with the utmost of experiences then Paris In Stlye by Janelle McCulloch is the book to read and take with.  Janelle has devoted years working as an Australian and international editor, journalist, photographer and author of eighteen books three of which are best sellers.  An avid traveller to Paris and France, when friends and acquaintances would continually ask Janelle the best places to visit and see in Paris she decided to document her findings and knowledge in a series of different books about Paris and France and this particular well researched and beautifully presented book the focus is on Paris style, fashion and glamorous destinations within the city.  McCulloch takes you on a delightful  journey through the arrondissments of Paris and through her whimsical and elegant writing and outstanding photography she manages to transport you visually and vicariously to a particular place with her amazing ability to capture the heart and soul of a boutique, iconic place or must see destination.   Every page is a delight and you can’t seem to turn the pages fast enough to discover more without the temptation of flicking backwards to take yet another glance of some beautiful photography of vibrant tapestry, fabric, antique boxes or stylish shop windows displaying vintage or the latest Parisian mode.

Everything you need to know about Paris style is in the book so one can navigate Paris like a pro filling every moment with something chic to do.  Janelle offers stylish and glamorous accommodation tips to suit a variety of budgets, best time to visit and shop in Paris, the best bistros, restaurants and bars for lovers of design and fashion.  The guide also details where to go for the best flowers and elaborate gardens, lesser known concept stores, museums and boutiques of decorating and design, fashion and textiles, ultimate places to shop as well as where to locate the best shoe stores, flea markets and vintage fashion must sees.  Those dedicated to a particular fashion label will discover when and where the best Hermes, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior sales or les soldes begin and where to hunt for those sought out designer vintage pieces.  Janelle also reminds readers and potential visitors to Paris that the best ways to spend time in the city involves little spending without having to sacrifice style or glamour.  Some of the best things to do in Paris really are chic and free like taking a stroll in a majestic garden like the Jardin Luxembourg or Tuileries or “observing a schiaparelli-pink sky at twilight or seeing the city’s famous rooftops at dusk shimmering gold in the evening light” or taking pleasure in the “blue hour” when Paris is enveloped in the most beautiful shades of blue as the sun retires for the day or simply “becoming slowly lost in the labyrinthine streets around the Place Saint-Sulpice” or relishing in the pleasure of seeing the breathtaking Eiffel Tower twinkling at night.  Janelle stresses the importance of taking the time to live as a local and treating oneself to small pleasures like an elegant cup of tea at a historic tea salon such as Ladurée or tasting a selection of artisan chocolates from the famous Fauchon, purchasing a bunch of beautiful flowers or paying a visit to a fashion exhibition at the Musee Galleria or the Musee des Arts Decoratifs.

All in all this is a great book to read and enjoy for all lovers of Paris, fashion, decor and style and an excellent travel companion.  A resourceful and brilliant guide book for students of fashion and art especially who are planning an educational as well as an  inspirational trip to Paris.  Janelle takes the role of a city guide and tutor that will maximise any learning adventure and tips on all the most unknown to sought out destinations to everything and anything stylish and fabulous.  The author’s many years of travel and experience offers her credibility and all one has to do is open any given chapter and breath a sigh of gratitude that someone has devoted endless hours of time and research to take the stress out of planning out your time in a vast, intricate and exciting city such as la belle Paris.  A truly adorable author and equally adorable book packed with valuable information and incredible photography.  Tap into entrancedbyfrance again soon for more reviews on Janelle McCullouch’s other wonderful works such as Paris: An Inspiring Tour of the City’s Creative Heart and Provence and the Cote D’Azur.

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