See The French Impressionists Here In Sydney Courtest of The Art Gallery of NSW & The Hermitage


French Impressionism has arrived in Sydney courtesy of the Art Gallery of NSW and the incredible Hermitage of St Petersburg in Russia.  The Russian high society of the 19th century and its admiration for French culture was the reason why such remarkable pieces of Impressionism arrived in Russia and it was in fact one of the countries beyond France to discover Impressionism.  Russia’s love of all things French was at its height by the mid eighteenth century and French was spoken by the educated circles and high society.  It comes as no surprise that avid art collectors in elite Russian circles had the desire, passion and means to purchase and possess art from aspiring and known French artists particularly avant-guarde works.  You will be stunned and mesmerised by the beauty and quality of this exhibition and the breathtaking art by painters such as Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Matisse, Rousseau, Pissaro, Picasso, Gauguin and Bonnard.  This outstanding collection can be enjoyed by all today thanks to the avant-garde art collectors Sergey Shchukin and Ivan Morozov who were wealthy merchants of Russia with an eye for talent and fine taste.  While Shchukin had a particular love and fascination with the vibrant Matisse and Picasso’s experimental Cubism, Morozov had a penchant for Bonnard and the fragmented landscape depictions by Cezanne.

Displayed in beautifully orchestrated vignettes you will be transported into dreamy scenes by Monet in his depiction of Poppy Field and Waterloo Bridge.  Monet, the most romantic and successful Impressionist was obsessed more with capturing the changes of light throughout the day than the subject itself.  On display is a vast collection of captivating works by Matisse such as Dance, Woman on a TerraceSunflowers in a Vase,  and Nymph and Satyr  to name which reflect his love of the French Riviera, subjects of nature and the human form.  Pieces by Picasso that came after his moving rose and blue periods will truly excite such as Nude BoyWoman with a Fan and Table in a Café to list a few.  Cezanne highlights the unique way in which he painted still life subjects as in his painting Fruit and the unique way in which he depicted landscapes in Large Pine near Aix-en-Provence.  Paul Gauguin’s admiration and fascination for Tahitian culture and native women is portrayed in the heart warming and eye catching The Month of Mary.  Henri Rousseau’s stunning piece, The Luxembourg Gardens, the monument to Chopin – conveys a moment in time in Paris’ early 20th century.  Camille Pissarro’s magnificent Boulevard Montmartre, afternoon sun which captures life on this lively street in Paris’ late 19th century.  Of course there is much more to the collection which you must go and see for yourself but you better hurry only a short time left before all 65 pieces in the collection are packed up and shipped back to Russia.  Masters of Modern Art From The Hermitage exhibition will end 3rd March 2019.

Masters Of Modern Art From The Hermitage – until March 3rd 2019

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Art Gallery Road, Sydney

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