Aurore – A film by Blandine Lenoir in Sydney cinemas now


Aurore is an inspirational and uplifting comedy-drama starring the delightful Agnes Jaoui and Thibault de Montalembert showing at the Palace Cinemas in Sydney.  The film, by Blandine Lenoir writer/director, was inspired by the writer’s own middle age crisis experience and fear of growing older, unappreciated and invisible in society as a woman approaching a certain age.  Lenoir recognised that women in their fifties weren’t being represented in cinema which in turn reflects the lack of age inequality women in general are forced to face in all aspects of life.  Aurore, is a film that tells the story of just this dilemma and challenges that a woman in her fifties must face in order to find love, work, respect and taking care of family while dealing with menopause and its unpleasant symptoms.  Lenoir tells this story with a sense of deep emotional insight and humour pointing out all the problems and difficulties women of a certain age must face – things that aren’t necessarily funny but important to highlight with a hint of comedy to make it more palatable to the audience.

It is evident throughout the movie that Lenoir truly understands and is connected to women of all ages but in particular women in their fifties and we see this through Aurore, played by Agnes Jaoui.  Aurore is a middle aged single mother of two daughters and soon to be grandmother who is searching for a second chance in life, love and employment while confronted with discrimination.  Aurore portrays a lovable, down to earth, authentic, resilient and relatable character – a strong woman who finds her determination, inner peace, grounding from the solidarity and relationships formed by the women around her and a second chance in love in the form of Christophe played by de Montalembert.  While the film touches on issues that dominate the front pages of newspapers and magazines today – ageism, sexual harassment and sexism in the workplace across the globe it is also about new beginnings and second chances in middle age inspiring hope and positive reflection.  A wonderful film and honest representation of women that highlights their strength, resilience and the importance of female solidarity and friendship.

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