C’est La Vie – A delightful comedy by the producers of The Intouchables


Nothing excites me more than a French film that covers all my favourite genres – comedy, romance, Paris, weddings set in a picture perfect chateau and where the realities of life, people and relationships are explored in that uniquely French savoir faire.  Even if this movie isn’t quite your bucket of popcorn it is certainly worth while seeing for it’s authenticity of human interaction and emotion and for the drop dead gorgeous setting.  What also may excite you is that C’est La Vie is a film produced by the award winning producers/writers Olivier Nakache and Eric Toledano’s of the highly memorable and successful The Intouchables and Samba starring Omar Sy.

The story centres around a luxurious wedding set in a 17th century chateau and Max – an endearing, wise and resilient character played by Jean-Pierre Bacri – the proprietor of a wedding event company.   The directors pick up on the humor we encounter in life’s most challenging situations which is exposed in the film when a collective of people are placed in an environment where they must cope and persevere despite the clash of personalities and where egos often collide.  The hilarities and the trivial realities of life are also examined in the film by pointing out the absurdities that arise when planning an event such as a wedding and the difficulties faced by experts and professionals behind the scenes when dealing with clients and their at times unrealistic expectations and demands.  Jean-Pierre Bacri is brilliant in his role doing just that dealing with impossibly demanding clients and eccentric staff and in maintaining harmony while successfully co ordinating an event for a challenging client is totally relatable.  While Max is very good at managing his motley cru like staff and saving the day his own personal life is falling apart while he lacks time and perhaps energy to sort out his own feelings and matters of the heart.

Gilles Lellouche is also worth mentioning and is brilliant in his role as flirtatious, cocky James – a wedding DJ and singer who wittingly elevates the comedic and interest factor of the film.  Gilles Lellouche stirs up the comedy in some laugh out loud moments with his onstage antics while constantly head butting with Adele – Max’s right hand lady played by the charismatic Eye Haidara.  Benjamin Lavernhe is also excellent in his role as the ever demanding and narcissistic Pierre – the groom and financier of the large scale luxurious chateau wedding.  There are some hilarious moments played by Lavernhe as his character goes to extremes to attract attention and applause while over enthusiastically trying to please and wow his guests while not being aware of how many things are going awfully wrong behind the scenes with Max and his team doing everything to save the day.  C’est La Vie is definitely a movie about just that – “life” with all it’s trials, tribulations, quirks and learning to over come challenges and adapt to situations and people we encounter along the way.  Showing for a short time only in Sydney so visit a Palace Cinema near you soon to see C’est La Vie and you might even win a trip to gay old Paris!

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