Paris Can Wait – A film by Eleanor Copolla


Ever wondered what a 48 hour road trip through France would be like? Or better still a road trip through France in a an old Peugeot convertible with a flirtatious, eager to please French companion with an over abundance of joie de vivresavoir faire and knowledge of picture perfect French Provincial towns, scenic cigarette stops, hotels and restaurants? Then Paris Can Wait is waiting for you to escape to France for a short but sweet 92 minutes and be captivated by the story of a sophisticated, romantic and enviable road trip that will inspire a trip to France.  A film produced by Francophile Eleanor Coppola (Francis Ford’s wife) and created for the unapologetic Francophile at heart that paints a pretty picture of holidaying in France with French style and guilt free over-indulgence where the only objective is to enjoy France’s culinary and cultural joys that detours away from the typical tourist tracks.

Based on Eleanor Coppola’s updated real life story of an accidental road trip of self discovery and heavenly French experiences where we observe the stresses, pressures and superficiality of modern day life slowly melt away as Arnaud Viard encourages and inspires Diane Lane to notice and rediscover life by finding the time to stop, observe and smell the roses and who knows exactly where to purchase them in mass quantities too.  Diane Lane who plays Anne – an unappreciated and almost irrelevant wife of big time movie director Alec Baldwin, who plays Anne’s self-centred and self important husband Michael, a stereotypical workaholic who is permanently attached to his phone talking and resolving big movie production problems.   Reluctantly at first, Anne rediscovers her hidden creative talents, neglected self and her feminine appeal thanks to a little French flirtation, coaching and coaxing by Arnaud Viard who plays Jacques – Baldwin’s charming movie partner and Anne’s self appointed, vivacious road trip buddy who volunteers to deliver Anne to Paris where she plans to reunite with Michael after his brief work trip to Budapest. When Anne eventually succumbs to Jacques’ French passion and love of French food, culture, simple pleasures and over-indulgence and to some harmless flirtation we are reminded to stop and smell the roses too and of the importance to engage in the art of living while falling in love with France and the French way of life even more…

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