Label Baguette in Maroubra

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Dear readers, how often do you see a bakery or boulangerie in the eastern suburbs with the side of a Citroen 12cv hanging off the wall and croissants so vast that they could give birth to more plush croissants?  Now, if this doesn’t inspire or grab your attention already then I’m afraid you’re not a true Francophile although Label Baguette in Maroubra might just convert you into one with their authentic and heavenly French bread and pastries.  This petite store will warm the cockles of your heart with its pretty French baskets that are filled with French breads of various sizes and with plump pasties and glisteningly beautiful waffles.  The intoxicating aroma of butter, sugar, chocolate and of coffee being made to take away will mesmerise you and transport you to that warm and inviting bakery you stumbled upon perhaps somewhere in Provence.  Nothing has pleased me more over the past few years, dear readers, than the ever expanding French community, food stores and eateries in Maroubra and nearby suburbs.  Also, having L’Etoile International French School down the road and local quality delis’, supplying amazing selections of French cheese and produce that call for wholesome French bread it certainly makes sense why opening a bakery here was a natural choice for proprietor and baker Stephane Mott from Lille in France.  French trained and artisan baker, Stephane, uses only the best French ingredients imported especially from France to make his delicious baguettes, boules, batards and flaky, irristible pastries.

Everything from the flour, yeast and butter is imported from France and everything at Label Baguette is made with true French passion and savoir faire on premise daily to ensure freshness, optimum flavour and quality.  There is nothing at Label Baguette that you won’t want to try and will find it hard to believe that all this delicious bread is produced by hand and with only one oven and mixer which you will notice behind the counter.  If you’re an early bird you might be lucky enough to observe Stephane at work and watch the bread and pastries as they are taken out of the oven and offered to you while still hot to enjoy with condiments at home – that is, if you can restrain yourself for that long.  Next time you’re in the mood for a perfectly made croissant that flakes the way an authentically made croissant should or for a baguette that is crusty to perfection on the outside and chewy and marshmellowy on the inside then make the time to visit Lable Baguette and I’m certain you will never be able to face a soulless and mass produced loaf of bread ever again.  Dear readers, are you entranced by Label Baguette inspired by France?


928 Anzac Parade Maroubra, Phone: 0438 090 074

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