La Belle Miette – A Delightfully Delicious Confection Kiosk in QVB Sydney


When I’m longing for Paris, I venture out to places in Sydney where there is a history, charm and European feeling and if I happen upon a boutique or café that is French inspired I’m overcome with joy.  As it so happened not too long ago, I desperately needed a Parisian inspired day and planned to spend some girly time in Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building – a European shopping mecca for pleasure reminiscent of the covered passageways of Paris but with a multilevel experience.  As I pleasurably promenaded along the ground floor of QVB passing one charming boutique after another I came across, to my sweet surprise, a delightfully charming kiosk by the name of La Belle Miette.  I was instantly drawn and entranced by this Parisian ispired kiosk animated by the pretty pastel coloured macarons peeking out from the display window and the matching pastel macaron pyramids and lovely gift boxes on display.  La Belle Miette translates to a beautiful crumb or delicious bite size morsel of something in French and the name is so befitting of this sweet little counter offering delightful petite confection such as macarons, bonbons de chocolate and dragees (chocolate covered nuts and fruits) that few people would find all this difficult to resist.

La Belle Miette is run by a Melbournian husband and wife team, Parisian trained confectioners, who have a passion for making and producing deliciously sweet and complex recipes with the philosophy of creating a product that is laborious and requires great skill to make yet scrumptiously divine to enjoy in a few moments of time.   The ingredients used to make La Belle Miette’s little mouth full of pleasure are sourced from France which makes their macarons and confection taste authentically Parisian transporting you instantly to a historic and quaint tea salon located somewhere in a petite, cobblestoned rue of Paris.  France’s well loved and esteemed teas by Mariage Freres is served and offered for purchase to compliment their macarons and bonbons adding an even more very necessary Parisian touch to the whole experience.  While in Sydney there is only the one La Belle Miette Kiosk location at QVB, Melbourne has a few La Belle Miette Parisian inspired tea salons cafes and kiosks spread around the city spreading even more joy to all and services also extend to catering for special functions and ordering online.  La Belle Miette’s macarons are by far the most exquisite I have tried here in Sydney – a true and magnifique Parisian sensation – the perfect chewy, creamy and crackly morsel of loveliness!  Dear readers are you entranced by La Belle Miette inspired by France?

La Belle Miette

445 George Street Queen Victoria Building Ground Floor, Sydney

Check thier website for more information:

C’est Tout!

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