Maison et Jardin Boutique in Double Bay


There amongst the picturesque and storybook like terraces of Transvaal Avenue in Double Bay you will find a delightful boutique by the name, Maison et Jardin.  This store is a little mecca for mostly all things French – décor and items for the home and garden all hand picked by the proprietor from France, Belgium and Holland.  Pieces are sourced with particular attention to detail that will beautify and add a certain je ne sais quoi to your home and if you’re lucky you many find some pieces in the range that date back to the 17th and 18th century.

As you enter the store you will be greeted by whimsical garden chairs and flourishing plants and flowers in pretty pots.  Inside the store you will be immediately drawn to by a wonderful selection of new and rustic French mirrors that most likely graced the hallways of French villas or chateaux.  Amoires with impressive character stand proudly and are utilised to display gorgeous décor items while antique pots, lovely tableware, linens, unique cushions, throws and hard to resist home fragrance items are tastefully dispersed throughout the store.  Eye catching and one of a kind pendant lighting and lamps are displayed eclectically upon one of a kind furniture pieces upon where you will notice oversized coffee table books waiting to be read.  Pretty straw hats are for sale here too and ideal for sunny days in the garden or a day out in the sun are a charming addition to your accessories wardrobe.

As you breeze your way through the store you will notice stunning French inspired bed heads in a range of styles and fabrics resting near a separate little room to the back of the store beautifully displaying homewares, table linens, runners, place mats and candle holders.  Antique bird cages hang beside the courtyard door which leads into the pretty and petite courtyard that is filled with must have garden wrought iron chairs and tables, more pots and décor items.  You could easily loose yourself for at least an hour or so here browsing through everything on display and taking your time to select some new candles, decor items or crockery.  So next time your in Double Bay having a wander around and in need of a little French inspiration for the soul or home, pop into Maison et Jardin and you might even leave with a stunning mirror or perhaps a copper pot or two.  Dear readers, are you entranced by Maison et Jardin where almost everything is sourced from France?


15A Transvaal Avenue, Double Bay NSW   T: 02 9362 8583

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